Highster Mobile – Why Do We Not Recommend This App Again?

The facts about Highster Mobile you should know

1. Customer Testimonial : Highster Mobile does not work and has bad support

There are a lot of reasons why customers give negative testimonial. Most of them because of the features that do not work well, bad support and many complaints from customer which are not answered, even causes the refund request. Below are the proofs from customer complaint, so I can tell you that Highster Mobile now becomes a scam product and adverse customers.

highster complaint 3

You can also see various complaints of Highster Mobile customer on the links listed below:

2. Highster Mobile and Easy Spy are the same product with different name but they have been banned by Avangate marketplace because of so many complaints received. As we know, Avangate marketplace has its own standard for the vendor and product to be sold in its marketplace. It shows that Highster Mobile and Easy Spy are not high quality products.

3. Highster Mobile is a one-time payment spy product. I no longer recommend the mobile spy product which uses one-time payment system because this kind of application needs server with high resource of energy and expensive budget every month. So it is natural that Highster Mobile alongside other products that use the same one-time payment system like TopSpy, EasySpy, Spymaster Pro, SpyBubble, and ImobiSpy eventually die or get so many negative complaints from customer because of their limited resource.

A Cloud of Lies

The biggest problem with the Highster Mobile is that the company sets it up to be this magnificent program that will solve all of your problems. They put out a massive list of awesome features. When looking at this list, the product sounds like a total dream come true! Capturing SMS messages and looking at GPS locations are two wonderful features, which actually work with Highster. Of course, these are fairly standard and are available with all other products. The product also boasts about other features, such as collecting emails and instant messages. This is where the program fails badly! None of these features work!

Social Media Fails

Again, there are some features that work exceptionally well, with this product. SMS capturing, call logs, opened apps and browser history all work. Email capturing is flawed entirely and just doesn’t work with Gmail! If you’re going to be trying to track social media traffic and behavior, this program isn’t going to cut it! Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram have all become exceptionally popular over the years.

If you’re going to be tracking your child or significant other’s behavior, you need to be able to track their activities on these sites. Highster Mobile will not let you do that! With each of these social media networks, the program might work occasionally, but it usually captures a line or two and stops. Suffice to say, Highster Mobile isn’t going to solve your problem.

Wrapping Up The Highster Mobile Program

Ultimately, Highster Mobile offers a good outline and blueprint, but the functionality and operation is completely flawed. With this product, you might be able to track tidbits of information, but the majority of it will slide right on through the cracks! The worst part of all is that the company behind the program will not give refunds! Do not buy this program, because it is a rip off and you will never get your money back!

I no longer recommend Highster Mobile or Easy Spy and I now collect new data to recommend similar mobile monitoring application with good quality and can be trusted well. Some of them are:

1. FLexiSpy

flexispyWhen attempting to find something better than Highster, you won’t have to look far. There are a massive number of alternative out there. Some are better, but others fall into the same traps. This isn’t the case with Flexispy. This particular product is much more reliable and effective than the aforementioned product. Thus far, I have utilized the product for an extensive period of time and it has been nothing, but brilliant. There are various aspects of the product that work exceptionally well. In fact, this product fulfills the promises set out by Highster and does much more. Below, you will learn about the overall features of the Flexispy software.

 Call Interception

One of the biggest downfalls of the Highster software was the fact that it failed to offer call monitoring or interception capabilities. This aspect is absolutely vital, in order to figure out what your significant other or child is really up to. Although monitoring messages might help, phone calls are much more juicy and will provide you with an extensive amount of information. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to understand precisely what is happening. Therefore, it is essential to be able to intercept and listen in to phone calls.

Take note that this isn’t available with any other software. If you truly want to be able to listen in to the phone calls of your target, you need Flexispy. This is the only software with this capability and it works exceptionally well. After using this feature, I have been tremendously impressed. Not only does it work, but also it works flawlessly and allows you to listen to conversations, without distortion or interruption. When compared to Highster, which hardly works, the Flexispy is a true Godsend.

Listen To Surroundings

If you want to take the aforementioned feature and push it one step further, you would be able to listen in at any time, whether or not they’re making a phone call. In order words, you would be able to transform their cell phone into a wiretap or bug. Unfortunately, Highster fails horribly in this area. It doesn’t allow the user to listen in on the surroundings of the phone. Instead, it attempts to go through, as a normal phone call, which is terrible and the opposite of what you want to achieve!

With Flexispy, you have the option of transforming the phone into your very own personal wiretap. If you believe that your significant other or child is up to no good, you will be able to tap into their phone’s microphone, at any time. By doing this, you will be able to listen in and find out what they’re saying. Suffice to say, if they’re up to something bad, you’ll know about it right away. Again, this feature is flawless and extremely innovative! It is unlike anything else on the market. The audio transmitted through this feature is crystal clear and will allow you to learn everything you need to know!

 Spy On Passwords

When attempting to track and monitor someone, it is absolutely vital to do so across the board. You need to access their emails and all of their social media accounts. Although they might not be behaving badly on their Facebook page, they could very well be sending naughty emails. Therefore, you will need to gain access to these accounts. With Highster, this isn’t a possibility. The program doesn’t come anywhere near this type of capability. Instead, you’re going to need Flexispy, which can help you obtain this information, within a matter of minutes.

There are some other mobile spy programs out there than can help. Unfortunately, they utilize keyloggers. These can work, but they rely on chance. If the individual never types in their username and password, you will never obtain their information. Flexispy is different and much more effective. It is capable of accessing and reading all of the passwords, which have been stored on the device. This will provide you with immediate access to the accounts that you desire! Take note that this feature is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, it can be used on almost any device!

GPS Tracker

If you’re worried that your significant other might be strolling about town with another man, while you’re at work, you will want to track her mobile phone. By doing this, you will be able to know precisely where she is at throughout the day and night. After some experimentation with the Highster program, I was unimpressed with the software’s ability to track a cell phone. Although it has the feature to track a phone using GPS, it fails repeatedly and just does not work.

Take note that this specific feature is available with the majority of mobile phone tracking software. Although this is the case, the Flexispy software seems to be much more reliable than the others. The software’s capabilities excel further and the results are much more accurate.

 SMS and Instant Messaging Tracking

In today’s time, it seems like people utilize messaging services much more frequently than telephone calls. Text messages and instant messaging services are much easier to utilize and sometimes cheaper. With this in mind, you’re going to need a reliable software that is capable of monitoring and tracking these types of messages. As far as instant messages go, you need to be able to track Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and others. As mentioned above, Highster Mobile was horrendous in this category. Although it was sufficient for SMS, it failed to capture anything substantial from any of the instant messaging services.

Flexispy is brilliant in this area! Although these features are somewhat universal among competitors, it is obvious that Flexispy is much more reliable and efficient. It never failed to track anything! It worked for all of the messaging services and the SMS tracking was absolutely flawless.


Different from other spy applications, FlexiSpy has a forum as a place of interaction between customers beside providing support service through email and live chat. This makes FlexiSpy superior to other similar applications.

 Same features with other phone spy application features

– Spy on Internet
Track and monitor what websites are visited and bookmarked by targeted phone. This feature will be useful for parents to monitor their children activity when browsing internet.

– Receive Alert
This feature is not available on Highster Mobile, however there are used in several mobile spy apps. You will get notification when targeted phone changes the SIM card or call the specific contact, so you can directly listen to the live conversation using call live interception feature.

But, there is one alert feature that is only had by FlexiSpy called Location Alert. It allows you to get notification when targeted phone visit certain location.

– Spy on Multimedia
Like the other mobile spy programs, this feature allows you to monitor multimedia files like photo, video, or audio files on mobile phone where FlexiSpy has been installed.

– Supporting Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian
Different from Highster Mobile and some other applications which only support Android and iPhone, FlexiSpy also supports Blackberry and Symbian mobile phone.

It must be noted that you need to jailbreak the iPhone before installation and the FlexiSpy only supports Blackberry version 5.0 to 7.1. If you are not sure whether your smartphone is compatible or not, you do not need to worry because Flexispy offers the money back quarantee if your smartphone is not compatible with this application.

Overall, there is no doubt that Flexispy is the best mobile monitoring program currently on the market. It offers more features than others and each of them works exceptionally well. It should also be noted that not like other spy applications, FlexiSpy has a forum as a place of interaction between customers beside providing support service through email and live chat, the Flexispy has a superb customer service team! When you need support and assistance, you will be able to get it, without delay. This cannot be said with others.

>>> Click Here To Visit FlexiSpy Official Website <<<

2. mSpy

mspymSpy is a spy application that has the same features with Highster Mobile, Different from Highster Mobile that most of its features do not work well, mSpy is a quality product which can be accounted for. You must remember, though Highster Mobile advertises various features they have, but there are only a few basic features which are working. The other features, in reality, are not running as it should be. It is different from mSpy which is good in advertising and the fact that it works well, mSpy never make false advertising like Highster Mobile do.

mSpy has other special feature which allows you to monitor iPhone without Jailbreaking. For those who are afraid of losing the iPhone warranty, but still want to monitor your targeted phone, then mSpy is highly recommended. Using the individual’s iCloud credentials will allow you to achieve this task! Also, you should make sure that the individual’s phone has been switched to backup to the Cloud! If all of these parameters are met, you will be able to monitor the phone, without physically touching it or going through the jailbreaking process. Unfortunately, Android users will need to physically access the phone in order to install the software.

For your information, jailbreaking has the potential to eliminate guarantee, but you can update the latest iOS or do factory reset to dismiss jailbreaking, so you do not need to worry about lossing the guarantee when doing jailbreaking.

An Assortment of Features

First and foremost, it should be noted that the mSpy isn’t as versatile as the Flexispy, but nothing is. However, it offers much more extensive features and more flexibility than the Highster Mobile software. The mSpy offers an assortment of features, which will allow you to track various aspects of your significant other’s life, including calls, SMS and emails.

Monitoring Calls

Although mSpy allows the user to monitor calls, it does so in a different and slightly more limited way than the Flexispy. Instead of allowing you to physically listen in to calls, you will only be able to access the call log. Within the log, you will be able to find out exactly whom they were calling and how long the call lasted. This can be exceptionally helpful. It should also be known that this software is actually effective and works much better than Highster.

GPS Monitoring

When attempting to discover someone’s whereabouts, you will want to rely on GPS monitoring. mSpy does an excellent job in this category. Even when traditional GPS monitoring is ineffective, the software will be able to identify the phone’s location, by utilizing other means. All of this information will be presented to you on a detailed map, as well as in a history log. This will ensure that you never miss anything! This feature of the software works and it works on demand, which is more than you can say for Highster Mobile.

Other Features

When it comes down to it, all of the available features with mSpy are fairly standard. Monitoring Internet usage, messages, calls, emails, and SMS are all possible. With this in mind, the mSpy software is a formidable alternative to the Flexispy, although it lacks some vital features. Basically, the mSpy is leagues ahead of the Highster Mobile, but it is limited, when compared to Flexispy.

To be noted that the non-jailbreaking feature is very limited if we compare it with the jailbreaking on iPhone target. You cannot monitor the IM chat on iPhone or GPS tracking, but you can track position by compiling wi-fi hotspot information around the device.

>>> Click here to visit the official website of mSpy <<<


At the end of the day, it is possible to go on and on about all of these products, but there is one thing that is certain. Highster Mobile is nothing more than a scam, which will come back to bite you in the buttocks later! With no viable return policy, the software is more harm than good! Therefore, you should make sure to stay away from it, at all costs. Instead, you will want to stick with one of the better alternatives, Flexispy or mSpy. Although Flexispy is more well rounded and much more innovative, the mSpy has the features for those who want to do jailbreaking on their iPhone. Therefore, you will need to make the final determination on your own, but be sure to avoid Highster Mobile!


  1. Margaret says

    Finally I’ve found what I’m looking for: a monitoring program that actually works. I’ve tried many others over my time searching for this kind of system, and whilst some do the job well enough, they all simply didn’t cut it, not until I find flexispy. I needed a way to find out what my children were getting up to while I was working during the day, and this gave me a way to find closure in knowing nothing bad was happening.

    It’s really a sight for sore eyes, and without it, I don’t know how I’d manage leaving my kids alone for such long periods of time. I can’t allow things to go wrong without me being there, and it would kill me if something did. It was either this or no internet while I’m gone, which is unfair and counterproductive, because the internet can provide my children with benefits that I could have never even dreamed of when I was young. When used for positive means, the internet can be the best tool on the planet to learn and connect, so shutting it off completely was not an option. This is why this software has saved me so much trouble, because not only does it allow me to see what’s going on, but it also keeps my children learning and absorbing like they should be.

  2. Ivan says

    My business needs me to be the best manager I can be, and if that means keeping an eye on everything than so be it! When I didn’t have the mSpy I’d call in and always know in the back of my mind that everything wasn’t going as smooth as I’d been told, only to have this proven to me when I finally do arrive! The only problem is, rarely would I know what exactly happened, or who was responsible for it! Now I know, and you aren’t going to pull the wool over my eyes! Sometimes it feels like people are playing catch me if you can, and now it’s a one sided game! In my favour! I may sound like I’ve lost it, but this is my livelihood, and nobody else is liable but me, so they just abuse the system when the boss isn’t around! I need to have a hold on everything, and now I can :)

    • Owen says

      I so get where you are coming from, Ivan! This is exactly what was happening at my former workplace. I had to look out over 6 people but since my boss didn’t allow things like the FlexiSpy or the mSpy I was usually getting blamed for the things that went bad. Needless to say I had to resign because I have no control over what was happening and I was getting tired of being the only one being blamed. My new boss shares my ideas and allowed me to checkup on my people using FlexiSpy and now things are going great! No one is slacking off because the one that did this got fired 3 weeks ago.

  3. Brody says

    You are very right about one-time payment spy products! It may seem like a bargain at first but as I soon discovered, this is just at the surface. People selling them don’t update their tools and don’t have reliable servers so I wouldn’t go near one ever again. I prefer paying for a monthly type service that constantly invests in their tools and is in it for the long haul. I am using flexispy right now and it’s a great service.

  4. Carla says

    Highster is a ripoff!

    This is the biggest piece of garbage. I wish I had done more research before wasting my $70.

  5. Dan says

    Tried FlexiSpy and it was a great experience but the price was a little steep so I decided to give mSpy a try since it was quite cheaper. While mSpy is definitely a good product it wasn’t nearly as intuitive and filled with useful features as FlexiSpy was. So, after trying it for a month, I was back to FlexiSpy, this time being ok with paying their monthly fee because I knew I was getting a great deal for the money I was paying.

  6. Adam says

    Get mspy, and stop being worried every minute of the day, and you’ll never have to choose between no internet and internet again, like I’ll never have to.

  7. Katherine says

    I wouldn’t use Highster Mobile ever again! Not even if they’d pay me to do it! Their support is horrible: sometimes they don’t answer your tickets at all! They are not helpful at all and it takes a very long time to get a refund from them! I wonder how they are still in business with all the bad publicity they’re getting. FlexySpy is in a whole league of its own compared to HM. Even if the pricing is quite higher for the first, I got a real service, with real, helpful support that solved my problems in minutes.

  8. Kevin says

    Well, believe it or not, highster mobile was actually pretty good when it started. Now, not so much. Indeed, they have problems with their support although I always got an answer even if sometimes it took them 3 days to send one. I will probably leave them and get one from the ones you talked about in here. The fact that they don’t update the app is one of the reasons they are going down. People would rather pay more and get an updated service.

  9. Matt says

    It’s no wonder so many sites have a lot of complains against Highster mobile! This app is horrible, without proper support, no updates and so on. I’m glad they aren’t in the Avangate marketplace because it’s clear this app has nothing of value to offer for the long term. It may work well enough in the short term but that’s it. I don’t understand how they tricked me into joining but once I saw their crappy app and its lacks, I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

  10. Alan says

    Highster Mobile looks good from the outside but as we all know looks can be very deceiving. When you actually get in you’ll soon see that they are marketing a lot of features which they either don’t have or aren’t working properly. I don’t know how no one hasn’t sued them yet. They should get banned altogether! It’s just not enough that the Avangate marketplace kicked them out; they should get their license withdrawn or something. There are still plenty of people that fall for their hype and getting a refund is quite difficult.

  11. Ross says

    FlexiSpy is expensive (compared to the other options) but there’s a reason for this: it’s definitely the best spy product out there right now. Constantly updated, with 5 star support that will get anything fixed within 24 hours (usually much sooner), and with features far beyond what the competition offers. I tried everything out there starting with the BS Highster Mobile app to mSpy or Truth Spy and while the last 2 are quite good, FS is better in almost every aspect.

  12. Scott Thomas says

    I purchased highster last year, a license without expiration right?
    Today my highster app is suspended because they are switching to a monthly fee for service and I am not signed up so click a link and update your payment info.
    WHAT A SCAM!!! COMPLETE LIARS AND VIOLATING CONTRACT LAW. I PAID FOR A LIFETIME LICENSE BUT NOW I AM SUSPENDED UNTIL I PAY MORE? ! EACH MONTH?! BULL CRAP. I am contacting the consumer protection agency today about the theives at Highster.

  13. Raj Kishor says

    Is there any spyware that xan be installed remotely to the target phone?please tell me or any hacker who can hack mobile..remotely

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